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Feel Good Childrens Affirmation Cards

How to use these simple positive childrens affirmation cards that are easy to understand and interpret. Repeating affirmations helps children to change their thinking patterns from negative to positive. This in turn helps to build self esteem and confidence making children happier and more able to cope with any problems they might face. Feel Good Cards […]

How to use the “Feel Good Journeys” CD

This children’s relaxation CD has four magical journeys which each benefit children in a different way. There is a narrator guiding the children through each relaxing journey and voices of the Feel Good Friends helping to keep their attention. The relaxing music and nature sound affects help children (and teachers!) into a calm relaxed state […]

How to use the “Feel Good Faces” board game

Playing the Feel Good Faces Board Game enables children to focus on things that are happy and positive in their lives. Children work as a team to move around the board removing ‘sad’ face pieces to reveal four happy Feel Good Friends. If children land on a Thinking Space, they pick a ‘Thinking Card’ and […]