How to use the “Feel Good Faces” board game

Playing the Feel Good Faces Board Game enables children to focus on things that are happy and positive in their lives. Children work as a team to move around the board removing ‘sad’ face pieces to reveal four happy Feel Good Friends.

If children land on a Thinking Space, they pick a ‘Thinking Card’ and answer questions such as what they are good at, why they are lucky and why they are special. There are also questions to answer about the other players unique qualities making it a great game for building (or re-building!) relationships and mutual respect.

Similarly, if a player lands on a Feeling Space, they pick a Feeling Card which incorporates acting and role playing helping children identify different feelings and emotions in themselves and others.

Last but not least are the whoops cards. These help children to recognize and rectify negative and inappropriate behaviour concerning themselves, others and their environment in a light hearted and fun way.

The game can be used in small groups of up to six players and is adaptable for different circumstances and situations. For example, length of play can be shortened if there is lack of time. The cards can be used without the game as activities for small groups or larger groups as a circle time resource.

The Game can be used as an anti-bullying resource, for children who need some distraction or reflection, as a play therapy tool, as a positive activity for wet play, team building, confidence building, and for professionals to identify hidden feelings and anxieties in children with emotional problems.

All in all this a game about instilling positive beliefs and creating happy thoughts, we have made it as light hearted and fun as possible, so we hope that you and the children you care for have fun and Feel Good!!!

feel good friends game