Meet the Friends

Who are the Feel Good Friends?

The feel good friends are fabulously happy. Everything in their world is fluffy, sparkly, colourful and fun. What they like best is spreading their happies and helping children all over the place to Feel Good!

“Hello I’m Roly Rainbow. I know all about nature and colours. I Love rainbows and animals and I love floating around on my cloud because its so soft and cosy. I help children to feel calm and relaxed. I’m all about peace and love and chilling out”

“Hello I’m Betty Brightstar. I am magical and I love the night time. I have special stars that we can ride on and make wishes from. I help children to feel special by appreciating all the wonderful magical things in our lives. I’m all about sharing and caring!”

“Hello I’m Pippin Pocket. I am really good at fixing things and making things. I do lots of recycling and building and I just love going on adventures. I help children by solving problems and finding just what we need in my magic pockets. I’m all about adventure and trying new things.”

“Hello I’m Tiggy Tutu. I am always dancing and having fun. I love flowers and music and spinning around. I help children by shaking and dancing out bad feelings and by giggling a lot. I’m all about having a laugh and a boogie”