Feel Good Childrens Affirmation Cards

How to use these simple positive childrens affirmation cards that are easy to understand and interpret.

Repeating affirmations helps children to change their thinking patterns from negative to positive. This in turn helps to build self esteem and confidence making children happier and more able to cope with any problems they might face.

Feel Good Cards can be used to start or end a session on a positive note or can be used in group discussions at circle time. Cards can also be left out in a room for children to pick out if they need, or teachers can pick out a card as a positive focus for the day. Additionally cards can be displayed around the walls of a classroom to send out positive messages through out the day.

These children’s affirmation¬†cards have also proved to be beneficial for professionals working one to one with children as a discussion tool and especially as an ice breaker in therapeutic sessions.