What the Parents Think…

“My daughter loves the game and she has stopped having nightmares since we have been playing the CD at bed time”

“Our son (aged 6) wants to play the game all the time! It’s so sweet to listen to him talking about the reasons why he is special and lucky and also why he loves his little cousin – you don’t often hear children (or adults ) saying positive things about themselves and others so this has been really refreshing. I have also stood quietly out side his bedroom door and listened to him repeating his little affirmations from the feel good journeys CD, heart melting stuff!! More products in the range please!!”
Parent, Southeast London

“My son is nine and played Feel Good Faces at a friend’s house. I was a little hesitant as he absolutely hates losing and used to throw such big tantrums when he lost a game, that we gave up playing them with him! However, this game is a team game and he couldn’t lose so he then went on to play the game two more times with his friends. Well done girls and thank you”
Dad, London

“Hi, a friend of ours brought my son the feel good faces board game for his sixth birthday, and I just wanted to let you know how fantastic I thought it was. It really got him thinking about his emotions, and was great to play a non-competitive game!

The only (very small) criticism I’d have, is that my son was too young to be able to read the cards by himself, which was tricky on the ‘feelings’ section, when there were just two of us playing, because obviously, I had to read the emotion to him… but we worked it out… and it was really good fun!

Lucas’ school is an ‘inclusive’ school, and they have many children with special needs – particularly behavioral problems, so I’m going to show the game to the special-needs co-coordinator, just to be sure that she’s aware that such games exist!!”

“As a professional social worker I thought your idea and products are brilliant, but was a bit dubious about using them as a parent. However, I just wanted to let you know that the cards are great. My two daughters, aged 3 & 5, have loved choosing their cards before bed time and one in the morning, and then sticking them on the fridge. My oldest daughter woke up this morning and one of the first things she wanted to do was choose a card. We’ve had lots of talk around the cards and I am finding them particularly helpful and beneficial for my older daughter who is going through a stage (I hope it’s only a stage) of negative talk brought on by peer pressure at school. So THANKYOU!! ”
Dewi – parent and social worker

“Well done on doing something different!
Many thanks!”
Lia Moran