Parent reviews for Feel Good Games 6 in 1

Amanda Awarded The Feel Good Games 6 in 1 Card Game 4.3/5

A lovely setof cards. The packaging was very pretty Eowyn loved it. Excellent 6 games in one pack of cards kept Eowyn and her siblings amused for ages. The games were easy to understand. It said from 3+ and she is only 3 but she had great fun with the games. She was the quietest I have seen her, when concentrating, then when she was talking it was very imaginative. She has a vivid imagination and these card games continue to help develop it. These games are very easy to play and Eowyn really enjoyed playing them with friends and family. She uses them as little families. The quality of these card games is excellent. Kept my children amused and reasonably priced. Would definitely be on the list for buying other children for their birthdays. Both my parents enjoyed playing the games with Eowyn and I would certainly recommend. A very simple but thoughtful set of games, all using the same cards, brilliant. Amanda Morrison – Eowyn 3years


Product Tested By Sarah Robertson – Geoffrey 4 years

Sarah Awarded The Feel Good Games 6 in 1 Card Game 4.5/5

These looked a great set of cards and 6 games in 1 pack. The packaging is bright and colourful and very appealing to children. You have a superb range of games in this set including snap, pair’s opposites, charades, Only Roly and My Feeling. We found the games easy to understand and Geoffrey really enjoyed playing these games. Certainly kept him entertained. The age suitability is 3+ which is ideal.  However, I must admit with Snap, Pairs and Opposites they really are games you can play with all the family. A simple set of card games which kept Geoffrey entertained for ages. Also had great fun playing these when Grandma and Grandpa arrived for a visit. These certainly do help with development and also build on a childs imagination. These games are easy to use and play and really are fun for all the family. The quality is very good and great value for money as 6 games in one set. A great set of card games that entertain your child and the rest of the family. I will certainly be purchasing these as birthday and Christmas presents. Have already recommended. A very good set of card games for your children and entertainment value is excellent. Sarah Robertson – Geoffrey 4 years

Product Tested By Lauren Dickinson – Nigella 3 Years 6 Months

Lauren Awarded The Feel Good Games 6 in 1 Card Game 4.5/5

Arrived in a bright colourful pack and looked like a good quality set of card games. The packaging is very appealing and colourful and captured Nigella’s attention. I was really pleased to see total of 6 card games in one set as knew this would keep Nigella entertained. She enjoyed playing these games, found them easy to understand and spent hours playing with her friends. We also joined in the fun too as how can you resist snap and pairs. The age suitability is 3+ and ideal but these will keep children entertained for many years as some of them are classic games you will never tire of. Helped develop her skills to remember and recognise images, also helped her develop her imagination. A great set of card games which are easy to understand and play. The quality is very good and I would say very good value for money. These kept Nigella amused for hours and hours. A great gift idea, great to bring out at children’s birthday parties for everyone to play and these will be played by all the family at Christmas too. A really fun set of card games enjoyed by everyone. I would purchase these and have already recommended. A good quality set of card games that keep your children entertained. Lauren Dickinson – Nigella 3 years 6 Months.